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two department, two email address, but smartertrack always just use one to reply?

Discussion in 'SmarterTrack' started by eznsmart, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. eznsmart

    eznsmart New Member


    Just wondering if anyone to point me to the right direction:

    I have two Department, One is "eBay CS Dept", another one is "Amazon CS Dept", each have their own email address: ebay@mycompany.com, amazon@mycompany.

    Here is what I want to do:

    1) when email arrived, depending on the email address it sending to, assign the ticket to the right department.

    2) then the ticket will get assign to the agent according to the ticket assignment rule.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. ST-DCurtis

    ST-DCurtis SmarterTools Staff


    I believe you can accomplish this using SmarterTrack Events. Let me make sure I understand what you want.

    You have email tickets coming in to 2 different addresses and want each assigned to their respective departments. In your example, ebay@mycompany.com goes to eBay CS Dept and then the amazon@mycompany.com goes to a different department.

    If that is correct, then yes, you can create system events for these scenarios. You simply want to set your event action to transfer the ticket to the appropriate group, say the Support Level 1 group in the eBay CS Department for an email sent to ebay@mycompany.com. Events can be a little tricky, but I wrote up a blog post (you can find it here - There's an Event for That) that walks you through how to set up an event. Please read over it and if you have any other questions, please ask. I'd suggest using system events versus user events.
  3. eznsmart

    eznsmart New Member

    wow, thanks for the speedy reply.

    Well, actually events where I was looking at.

    I read the blog, but honestly, the help documentation didn't provide much help because it's so brief.

    Can you make my scenario as a step-by-step example so that it's not only help me, but also help others to get better understanding of the event system?

  4. eznsmart

    eznsmart New Member

    Actually, Please disregard the previous question, I found out what's wrong:

    The whole reason I was asking this is that I found out the whenever a eBay customer contact me, they will get a ticket number with their first email, that's fine there. But then after we replied, when they reply to our reply, instead of grouping the new reply to the previously assigned ticket number, the system assign a new ticket. Why? because for some reason, eBay does not want to follow the standard email reply subject format - Re: + original subject. They create a new subject. Because that new subject does not have the ticket number assigned, the Smartertrack thinks it's a new email.

    Now, this bring up another question:

    Is there a way we can scan the body of the email, find the ticket number inside the body of the email instead of just look in the subject. and assign ticket identification that way?