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SyncML with iPhone 3G

Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by netFusion, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. netFusion

    netFusion Member

    I'm trying to setup an iPhone 3G to sync with SmarterMail 5.5 Enterprise using a Synthesis SyncML application.

    In the syncML.log, I get the following error when it tries to sync:

    18:37:22 [360dc89ed96f45d8a0d0bfa3dbf88b4b] Received request from
    18:37:22 [360dc89ed96f45d8a0d0bfa3dbf88b4b] Request is in unsupported format: application/vnd.syncml+wbxml

    I have the log level set at Detailed, but that is all it shows.

    Any thoughts on how to get it working?

  2. ST-BWard

    ST-BWard SmarterTools Staff

    If you are having problems with the Synthesis application you can use the Funambol application. This works with the iPhone and SmarterMail.
  3. netFusion

    netFusion Member

    Hi Brian!

    The problem with that is that the funambol application appears to only sync contacts. The Synthesis application syncs Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks, which makes the Synthesis SyncML application one huge step closer to getting rid of my Blackberry.

    The task list and calendar support are the main things I am after, so using funambol to sync my contacts doesn't get me anywhere.. [8-|] For those things, the Synthesis SyncML application works great. But I want to sync my iPhone with my SmarterMail server rather than one of the other SyncML services.

    Back to the original question though... Do you have any insight or thoughts on why SmarterMail does not support the SyncML request? SmarterMail's SyncML log does not show any detail of the transaction, so I am really at a loss as to what exactly SmarterMail doesn't like about the request.

    Having the detail of the transaction would help me be able to figure out if it is SmarterMail that doesn't understand a valid SyncML request or if it is Synthesis SyncML that is sending an invalid SyncML request.


  4. netFusion

    netFusion Member

    Here is a more detailed post of the symptom that I made over on the Synthesis SyncML forum, in case it might help shed more light.:

    - - - - - - - -

    I came across this forum today and found the Todo+Cal+Sync SyncML application today and thought I had found the motherload of being able to sync my iPhone with my calendar and tasks. The task list app looks great from the pictures and it will sync to my mail server, which in turn syncs fine with my Outlook. So, I bought it from the App Store and am trying to get it talking.

    Here's what I have:

    I have an iPhone 3G and an account on a SmarterMail 5.5 Enterprise server. I own the server, so I have full access to it.

    SmarterMail 5.5 says it supports SyncML...

    The web site here says it supports SyncML...

    Funambol can sync with the SmarterMail server, but doesn't do Tasks or Calendar, which is mainly what I'm after.

    However, Todo+Cal+Sync and SmarterMail Enterprise don't seem to want to play nicely together...

    On the server side, with detailed logging turned on, the SyncML log file shows only the following entries each time I try to sync from the iPhone.

    18:37:22 [360dc89ed96f45d8a0d0bfa3dbf88b4b] Received request from
    18:37:22 [360dc89ed96f45d8a0d0bfa3dbf88b4b] Request is in unsupported format: application/vnd.syncml+wbxml

    So, does anyone have an iPhone with the Todo+Cal+Sync application synchronizing to a SmarterMail Enterprise server? If not, anyone have any ideas on how to get the Todo+Cal+Sync app to put the request into the SmarterMail supported format?

    I have tried each of the three SyncML version settings individually and get the same result on each of the three settings.

    I have tried disabling the contacts, calendar, and task sync choices and then trying to sync them individually to see if one of the three was causing the problem. Same result on each of the three.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.


  5. netFusion

    netFusion Member

    Below is the response from Synthesis. Assuming that they are correct that SmarterMail is not compliant since it does not support WBXML, does SmarterTools have any intention of fixing SmarterMail's SyncML?

    [TABLE]Originally Posted by netFusion It looks like the SmarterMail Enterprise server does not support WBXML encoding.

    Which means that this server is NOT a compliant implementation of SyncML. With XML only, it will work with almost no phone that has SyncML built-in, like all all Nokia, SonyEricsson (except medieval P800), Samsung, Motorola etc. All these use WBXML.

    [TABLE]If I understand correctly, WBXML is a sort of compressed binary version of XML. Is there a way to tell the iPhone app not to use WBXML?

    Correct. But SyncML in XML is normally only used for debugging purposes, not for productive use, so our client does not have a switch in the UI for that. Our SyncML engine however has the ability to use XML.

    However I'd be very surprised if using XML alone would make the sync work - a server (SmarterMail) that is apparently not tested/testable with the majority of SyncML devices on the market will most probably have other issues as well.

    Lukas Zeller, Synthesis AG
  6. rchisholm

    rchisholm Member

    Any progress on this? I was just trying to figure out how to sync my calendar over the air on my iPhone 3G I bought yesterday and just read that syncing calendars and tasks with the iPhone was coming soon in the synchronization document from November.

  7. Attila

    Attila New Member