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[SSL] Troubleshooting - SOLVED

Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by gus, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. gus

    gus New Member

    UPDATE: Solved by configuring web server to use its own installed SSL cert, working fine on IMAP now

    Opinion: I think the SSL tools need improvement. I have tried SSL tools from other Mail Servers and were quicker to
    setup. Overall am satisfied with this mail server

    I just installed Smartermail and it seems to be working fine and all, but simply cannot get SSL to work.

    I already have a good working cert that I bought from Godaddy and worked fine on my previous mail

    servers. Keep in mind that I am NOT using IIS, am using a different web server so IIS doesn't apply here.

    I followed this tutorial here: http://www.smartertools.com/Portal/KB/a580/how-to-configure-ssl-tls-to-secure-smartermail.aspx?KBSearchID=246083

    I am not sure how to use my existing cert, its a global domain cert and NOT a wildcard type cert? Any tips
    on importing existing cert? I only wish to use thi s with IMAP and would like to know how to test SSL on IMAP
    after cert is installed..
  2. chicagonettech

    chicagonettech Product Expert

    1: What is your SERVER OPERATING SYSTEM?

    2. What is your SmarterMail version?

    3. Depending on your SmarterMail version, you should have setup IIS for SmarterMail using either the link for IIS6 or IIS7 in the KB at: http://portal.smartertools.com/KB/a...ne-smartermail-install.aspx?KBSearchID=443305

    You need to be running SmarterMail under IIS because SSL Certificates and SSL [along with TLS, beginning in SmarterMail 8] will not run under the SmarterMail web interface. [Remember SmarterMail only officially supports the current and immediate prior version of any product.]

    4. If you change from SmarterMail's web interface to IIS, make certain you update your DNS.

    5. You need to have generated your certificate via a certificate request from within the IIS interface. Remember, SSL certificates can only be bound to a SINGLE IP ADDRESS.

    3. Once you have installed your SSL certificate, and you can get to the SmarterMail IIS login via an HTTPS command, like this one: https://securemail.chicagonettech.com, then follow the instructions at http://portal.smartertools.com/KB/a...-to-secure-smartermail.aspx?KBSearchID=433551 to continue to setup the SSL for SmarterMail.

    This will also give you information on TLS, but if you are not using it, or do not know what it is, then you don't have to worry about it.

    NOTE: TLS works only in the ENTERPRISE edition of SmarterMail, see: see: http://portal.smartertools.com/KB/a1...earchID=433551

    While SmarterMail is a very easy to use and configure e-mail system, it does require some prequisit knowledge about Windows IIS - either IIS 6 or IIS 7, .NET 4 - [.NET 2 is no longer supported in versions 8 and 9 - the only two officially supported versions of SmarterMail], and also requires a GOOD WORKING KNOWLEDGE of CERTIFICATES and DNS.