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Bug/Issue SPAM Quarantine needs work

Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by plateaultd, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. plateaultd

    plateaultd Member

    I have opened a support ticket regarding the following and due to the answer I received back from SmarterTools I wanted to make sure other users are aware of this problem and get SmarterMail to fix a poorly designed feature.

    Quick background:
    We have recently see end users computers being used to send out Spam to users off the server. I decided to setup outbound filtering to catch these problems and block them sooner rather than later.

    Test enabled for Outbound SMTP blocking:
    Spam Assassin (weight 0-30)
    black.uribl.com (weight 30)
    multi.surbl.org (weight 30)

    Outgoing Weight Threshold: 60 Enabled
    Outgoing Quarantine: 15 days

    I let it run and had numerous emails quarantined as follows:
    Spam Emails being sent by a user with an infected PC - Yes!
    Spam emails being forwarded off the server due to user settings.
    False positive emails that really needed to delivered to the recipient - this is where the problem lies.

    The Problem:
    According to the Help Pages:
    Actions - Click this button and select the appropriate option to resend a quarantined message.
    - Moves the selected message(s) to the spool for delivery to its intended recipients.

    Which it does and then immediately Quarantines the email again!
    There is no way to get a false positive email out of Quarantine without disabling the outgoing SMTP blocking tests.

    Support has told me this is "by design"
    Any other mail system where they allow you to quarantine email also has a way of getting that email delivered.
    Postini comes to mind and I am sure I could find many other products that have implemented this feature correctly.

    If others can see where getting this feature correct would come in handy please comment below.
  2. 2k-sk

    2k-sk Member

    Yep the admin should be able to force delivery for those messages. Also the admin should be able to see which rules caused the message to be filtered in the first place as well.

  3. gary856

    gary856 Product Expert

    Likewise, if you use Declude with SmarterMail, it has a way to force delivery of quarantined messages.
  4. Wheemer

    Wheemer Senior Member

    Haha by design, that's a good one!

    That's the answer a lazy coder gives when they stopped caring.