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SMTP blocked sender

Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by Kailash, May 22, 2007.

  1. Kailash

    Kailash New Member

    I have smatermail 4x and i want to know if i keep paypal.com in the SMTP blocked sender then would it block mails received from paypal.com? What is the actual use of SMTP blocked sender?
  2. ST-JLance

    ST-JLance New Member

    SMTP Blocked senders will prevent mail from any addresses that match. This only checks against the address specified in the SMTP session, not in the email headers.
    The reason for this is just a quick way to eliminate messages/abuse from certain addresses/domains.
  3. brianlewis

    brianlewis Product Expert

    James I'm having troubles making this work on the current version of 4.3.2903

    I have in my SMTP Blocked Senders


    Yet Weekly we receive emails from these addresses, here is one

    Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 20:20:55 -0800
    X-Sender: errors@bounce.dotster.com
    Errors-To: errors@bounce.dotster.com
    From: "Dotster.com" <dotnews@mkt.dotster.com>
    Reply-to: "Dotster.com" <dotnews@mkt.dotster.com>
    Subject: $8 Domains at Dotster - Limited time only!

    Any idea? The header shows it was received from smtp3157.bmb.dotster.com [] thru our mail server so it wasn't coming from any whitelisted server.
  4. Gorgon

    Gorgon New Member

    Just a thought, but those are the headers, not the envelope. It's possible the messages are coming in with a different address in the envelope. You should be able to search the logs to find the correct address to add to SMTP blocked sender.