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Resolved SmarterStats Enterprise 7.0 - ps/frmRemoteFileBrowser.aspx unavailable or an error

Discussion in 'SmarterStats' started by Henrik S-H, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Henrik S-H

    Henrik S-H New Member

    Greetings all

    Version: 7.0.4402

    The SmarterStat website running in IIS 7 was running relatively well for a while even though I often had to use the reset the broken link bat file when the connection to one of the servers was lost.
    I then deleted a site in the SmarterStat administration and created a new identical one pointing to the same log files and it appears to have created some trouble as well since the general logging stopped from that moment on and in particular connection to the local server (localhost) was lost.

    Sometimes when I log in the manage servers function is available showing the localhost but it cannot be edited. And when editing a site on the localhost I get an error like

    An error occurred while loading the configuration settings.

    And when trying to browse the local server I get this:

    The page or resource that you are accessing is unavailable or an error has occurred.

    In the browser developer window I can see that from a moment on the Admin/frmSiteDetails.aspx/UpdateData is being posted endlessly.

    In the SSExceptionslog this line seems to be related to the problem of communicating with the local server:
    10-04-2012 22:58:42] *** System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0x80004005): No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

    Any clues would be much appreciated.
  2. Henrik S-H

    Henrik S-H New Member

    Answer or solution

    The SmarterStat service on the localhost had for some reason stopped running. After restart things were running smoothly again.
  3. noelx99

    noelx99 Member

    Henrik - Thanks so much for replying!

    Henrik - Thanks for posting your solution. I had a similar problem. IIS7/SmarterStats 6.2 and go the same "An error occurred while loading the configuration settings." while adding a new site.

    I found that the SmarterStat service was stopped. (Don't know why.) But once restarted it was fine.