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Smarterstats and .GZ files

Discussion in 'SmarterStats' started by dukejames, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. dukejames

    dukejames Member

    I'm currently using SmarterStats 7.1.4450 and am trying to get it to import log files within gz files. I have the option checked "Look for logs in .gz and .zip archives" however, after it tries to it only imports one (maybe 2) days of data. If I was to extract the log from the .gz, I can see days worth of data.

    The log file doesn't end in '.log' but SmarterStats still pulls the information. The actual file naming convention for the log is domain.org.bkup-Month-2012. Because of this, I configured SmarterStats to search for files with domain.org* in order to capture all future months.

    Is SmarterStats not supposed to be able to look for logs in .gz?

    I only came across 2 threads which I've listed below which were relevant. In 2007, the answer was No but of course now we are 5 years down the road with the option I mentioned above.

    http://forums.smartertools.com/show...les-(from-apache-on-linux)?highlight=logs .gz

    http://forums.smartertools.com/showthread.php/9583-Read-Logs-in-Zip-Format?highlight=logs .gz
  2. Jthompson

    Jthompson New Member

    I am having almost the same issue. I am using smarterstats v 7.2.4499 and have my sites set to import in the same manner. When i go in to the Weblog_FTP folder on the smarterstats server I can see that the logs have been downloaded via FTP but in the Web Interface it does not show any new logs for any of the websites that create logs in the .gz format. It worked once for one website during my testing phase then never showed a new log after that. My log files also end in .org-month or .com-month depending on the domain of the website. The information available on this issue is very limited, can someone please enlighten us if you have had the same issue and were able to resolve it?