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Bug/Issue [SmarterMail Enterprise 7.4] Content Filter takes liberties with keywords

Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by newkansan, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. newkansan

    newkansan New Member

    We set up the Spam Filter per chicagonettech's Howto on this forum:
    http://forums.smartertools.com/show...and-No-Wizard-PART-2?highlight=content filter

    This seemed to work well for the first few months, then gradually, missed spam levels increased to what they were prior to applying his settings. So I started adding in the most prevalent keywords from the missed spam into a domain-wide content filter, and forwarding them to a dedicated spam account. This definitely helps the end user to not have to see the spam. However, I notice when going through the filtered spam that on rare occasions legitimate, non-spam emails get filtered even though their "From Address" has nothing that is even close to my keywords, and there are often spam emails that were filtered that, 1)are derivatives of my keywords, and 2) are spam but do not fall under any of the keywords I defined. While it's great that it is filtering additional spam, it is bothersome that this is happening, because of the potential for legitimate emails being falsely filtered. It would be great if the Content Filter only filtered per my EXACT keyword selection. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a way to remedy it? Here's an example:

    From Address Contains Specific Words or Phrases
    Here is a selection from my keywords (the ones that start with 'S'), sorted alphabetically:
    Score Updates
    SeniorPeopleMeet.com Dating
    Startup Business
    Stop Snoring
    Stop Snoring Immediately
    Subway Restaurants

    And here are some emails (again, sorted the From field alphabetically) that were filtered with the above keywords:
    Seen on TV Lint Lizard
    SeniorPeopleMeet Dating
    Ski Vacations

    The "Ski Vacations" in particular bothers me because it is not even close to any of my keywords. How did it get filtered??
  2. Jaaw

    Jaaw Member

    Old thread, but I'm noticing this on SmarterMail 11.x as well.

    Does it do an EXACT match of each Rule Text, or does it match ANY word in the Rule Text list? Does the Match Multiple checkbox match multiple LINES or multiple WORDS?

    I can see why chicagonettech recommends not using any of the content filters, as they seem to flag too many false-positives, and don't appear to work as intended, but I have 2 mailboxes that get pounded with spam that I really want to reduce.
  3. PinHead

    PinHead Member

    If you use content filterin it depends on how you have it setup, your "SeniorPeopleMeet Dating" gets matched because you have a phrase "SeniorPeopleMeet" defined. With that phrase specified all of your phrasesbelow will match

    SeniorPeopleMeet.com Dating

    Becarefull as one word phrases will match in a multiword, so look for something like "ski" or "vacations" in your list that will match to your phrase.
  4. PinHead

    PinHead Member

    If you want to match to specific keywords use a wildcard match ie
    *seniorpeoplemeet.com.dating * this will match any phrase ending with "seniorpeoplemeet.com.dating " ie john@seniorpeoplemeet.com.dating"

    * seniorpeoplemeet * will only match to a phrase to " seniorpeoplemeet " with a space at the beginning and end

    * senior* will match with any phrase beginning with "senior" but with with any ending ie "seniorpeople" but not "oldseniorpeople"