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SmarterMail - Deleting Attachments

Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by peteboyd, May 12, 2005.

  1. peteboyd

    peteboyd New Member

    From time to time attachments (PDF's, MS Word) are being deleted when they are attached to email messages sent and/or received using SmarterMail.. The email is delivered fine, but there are no attachments.

    Any ideas?

    Its troubling one of our customers greatly. The even stranger part is that we sent him a test email to his SmarterMail account and another to his Comcast email account. The Comcast email account received both attachments, but the Smartermail account only received the MS Word document and not the PDF. Both accounts are checked through his Outlook email program.


    Peter Boyd
    PaperStreet Web Design
  2. ST-JBurke

    ST-JBurke New Member

    SmarterMail should deliver the attachments unaltered. Is the server machine running anti-virus software that may have deleted it?
  3. peteboyd

    peteboyd New Member

    The server machine is runnning Trend Micro and we setup using the instructions posted in this forum. I figured it was TrendMicro as the cuplrit, I just want to see if anyone else is being affected. Any ideas on the settings to change to stop it from stripping out PDFs as that seems to be the most common one deleted?
  4. ST-JBurke

    ST-JBurke New Member

    You should contact Declude on that one. http://www.declude.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=5