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Question Smarter Mail8 does not clear spool because of AOL gray lising

Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by xela8282, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. xela8282

    xela8282 New Member


    We use smarter Mail8 with 90 outgoing treads , using C# code to submit EML files in smarter mail spool, retry is 240 minutes.
    Yesterday it took extra 4 hours to send out our emails.
    I checked the logs and found over 50,000 records with error 421 e.g gray listing for AOL users only.

    Please advice , does bounces slow down smarter mail spool ?
    Should we change configuration ?
  2. DXD

    DXD Product Expert

    Do you have an AOL Feedback loop? http://postmaster.aol.com/ Are you sure the domain is configured correctly for AOL to accept your emails. If you post your domain you are sending from we can do external tests to confirm this.
  3. csimo

    csimo Product Expert

    AOL has been causing problems on our servers for the last several days. We have had the AOL FBL set up for years but suddenly AOL has no record of it and our whitelist record with them is missing. When we re-applied to AOL for whitelist status we got a "request denied due to lack of IP reputation". We've had an excellent reputation on that IP Address for years.

    There's not much you can do about AOL... there aren't many people left there.
  4. 2k-sk

    2k-sk Member

    We have the same exact issue you describe.

  5. xela8282

    xela8282 New Member

    Thanks for the answers so far..

    Our Domain is BroadwayBox.com .
    We have had the AOL FBL set up for years as well and have implemented smart automatic bounce management system.
    Been using smarter mail since 2005 for our email delivery.
    After contacting AOL the gray block was removed (took 4 days) and our delivery is back to normal since.

    I have a very direct question - does gray listing ( any gray listing of above 40K) causes smarter mail dramatic slowdown ?
    And if not what is the correct way to configure our smarter mail..

    This is a system killer - we now consider alliterative mass mail sender instead of smarter mail.
    On a personal note I am very happy with smarter mail and would prefer to find a solution instead changing it to a new product.

    Please advice .
  6. chicagonettech

    chicagonettech Product Expert

    Your DNS and spam reputations are both spotless. There is nothing wrong with either of them.

    We have several not-for-profits who run large lists as well and have AOL feedback loops in place. Normally we do not have any issues with them. We will have several newsletters going out this evening and weekend and, based on the comments in here, it will be very interesting to see what happens.
  7. 2k-sk

    2k-sk Member

    AOL was recently having issues, I too have had a spotless IP for years and have had the feedback loop setup. I didn't get anything from the feedback loop for weeks and then all of the sudden started having delayed emails. A quick check on their site showed my ip had good reputation so I contacted the AOL postmasters and this is what they said.

    "The IP xx.xx.xx.xx indeed as a good reputation, I have made a few changes to this IP and this should help with mail delivery. We are aware of the delay caused in delivery of a few emails and are working on it. Please get back to me if you do not see an improvement in two to three business days."

    This was back on the 10th and I've not had any issues since then but before that it was going on for about two weeks. I'd have delays, open a ticket it would be fixed it seemed then a few days later would happen again. Since I've not had the issue since the 10th I am hoping they got it fixed once and for all.
  8. xela8282

    xela8282 New Member

    I do not think it's AOL relaeted

    While we had the block none of our emails were out .. e.g last 5 minutes was 0 for 20 minutes going up to 1000 and back to 0.
    usually last 5 minutes is 10K.

    AOL is not the only domain we are sending and they are not our largest..
    My question still is - the next time we are blocked by AOL or Yahoo and have 50K+ users in spool for code 4.2.1 will smarter mail stop preforming, is it a bug or configuration issue ?
  9. doug4knfpu

    doug4knfpu New Member

    so is the problem fixed because i still get the same thing?

  10. chicagonettech

    chicagonettech Product Expert

    AOL had a major impact to their e-mail servers last week and nothing we being delivered to them. This was route specific and did not affect everyone. One of our customers was attempting to send to an AOL address for several days. The messages stacked up in the queue and went no where.

    When I contacted AOL they indicated they "knew of the problem and were working on it" and would not commit to anything else.

    We have not seen any other AOL issues for the last several days.