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Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by greenpower, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. greenpower

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    Hello, i am using the latest Thunderbird and smarter mail server. When i send an E-Mail than it gets copied to the sent IMAP directory. E-Mails without attachment just get copied to the sent IMAP directory without any problems. But when i send an E-Mail with an attachment Thunderbird is giving me an error that the E-Mail can't be copied to sent IMAP directory. And The server times out. But sometimes even though i get the message that the E-Mail could not be copied to sent directory the E-Mails gets copied there two times... It's really a strange problem and it's very essential for me to get it working. Any help would be greatly apperciated.

  2. visual

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    What you describe here are exactly the same problems we see with SM 8.4.4359 and Thunderbird when sending emails.

    What version of SM are you running? We already had a ticket opened for this issue however no solution was found.
    All our employees using Thunderbird have this problem (linux and windows thunderbird clients have the same issue).
    Outlook users do not have it.

    We noticed in our case that the problem seems to appears more often if IMAP is used over TLS/SSL rather than
    clear text but it happens in both scenarios.

  3. poisedforflight

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    Well that's not good as we have 100s of users using Thunderbird. Anyone from SM come up with a bug-fix on this yet?
  4. Webio

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  5. Webio

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    It would be nice if someone from SmarterTools SmarterMail dev team could let us know how we should handle this errors. In my opinion there should be at least some switch which will save all outgoing messages to Sent folder.

    @visual: does someone from SmarterTools responded with some reasonable response for your ticket?
  6. visual

    visual Member

    At the time we opened the ticket regarding this issue we saw an "OutOfMemoryException" in
    our IMAP log and thought the thunderbird problem would be related to this error message.
    So ST recommended us to upgrade from Win Server 2008 (32bit) to Win Server 2008R2 (64 bit)
    to solve the problem. We moved to a new server with Win2008R2 (24Gig Ram) and the
    "OutOfMemoryException" error disappeared however the thunderbird problem remained.

    At this point ST told us that they could not reproduce the problem with thunderbird for
    moving items to the sent folder and the case was closed.
  7. chicagonettech

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    How e-mail works on SmartPhones, and whether a copy of a sent message is actually saved to the SENT directory, is a process of the software on the SmartPhone and the SmartPhone's operating system.

    This is not something that can necessariliy be controlled by SmarterMail.
  8. Ellis

    Ellis Member

    I do have the same problem, and several of my clients too.
    SmarterMail 7.6
    I'm using Thunderbird 10.0.2 on Windows 7 Enterprise 64bits.
    (This has nothing to do with Smartphones)
  9. TracerX

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    Just want to chime in and say that our company has had this issue with all of our Thunderbird clients as well. I'd love to see SM come up with a solution to this problem.
  10. Webio

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    My clients are reporting this issue about 1 client per week. I'm using also Thunderbird and I'm getting this errors on daily basis. In my opinion there should be option which would enable to save ALL outgoing emails to sent folders. This way I could disable saving messages to Sent Items in Thunderbird and this problem would be solved (this is how Gmail is handling sent items which also makes less IMAP connections since there will be no second IMAP connection for saving message to Sent Items folder).
  11. Wheemer

    Wheemer Product Expert

    That sounds like a good suggestion... you should email ST to make sure they add it.
  12. Webio

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  13. kabbak

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    Sent mail copy problems and number of connections in TB

    So how many people with problems like duplication or copy failures have the account's server settings-advanced "maximum number of server connections to cache" set to more than 1? Also what setting for IDLE and what TB version?

    Me: SM 8.4, TB11, on MAC air 10.7.3 (lion).
  14. Webio

    Webio Active Member

    I'm experiencing this issue with maximun number of connections set to 1, IDLE for now disabled on SmarterMail server and TB affected is almost all versions of TB in last year or more (currently I'm running TB 12 beta - I was hoping that this is TB issue and beta versions will have it soon fixed than stable versions).
  15. newkansan

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    same here

    I too am experiencing this exact problem, using SmarterMail Enterprise 7.4. I also use Thunderbird with a Gmail IMAP account and have never seen this problem under Gmail/Thunderbird, only SmarterMail/Thunderbird. It seems to happen more often with larger-size emails (over 50KB) with embedded graphics. I already know to manually go into my Sent folder and delete the duplicate email when it happens.
  16. Leh

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    I just registered to say I have the exact same problem as greenpower (latest TB and SmarterMail Enterprise Edition 9.2), reproducible 100% of the time with all emails having any attachment. I didn't have this problem with my previous provider that had some different mail server. I sincerely hope this will be fixed someday.
  17. nafex

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    I'm having the same problem. Emails were not saved in Sent folder if they have an attachment. Thunderbird 12. SmarterMail 9.3
  18. timstoke

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    TB 13.0.1
    SM 9.3.4513

    I'm having the same problem, but put it down to problems with my Internet connection. Now I've seen this thread I'm not so sure though....
  19. nafex

    nafex New Member

    why no one from smartertools is interested in resolving this problem? many people have it!
  20. Wheemer

    Wheemer Product Expert

    It's mentioned a million times on here that this is a user to user forum. If you want a response from Smartertools then open a ticket.