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Sites stuck on reprocessing stats.

Discussion in 'SmarterStats' started by Krismartin51, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Krismartin51

    Krismartin51 New Member

    Noticed several days with 0 data, so we set the site to Reprocess Log files now the system is stuck on Reprocessing Stats. To make matters worse all days are reporting 0 data.
  2. patrickc

    patrickc New Member

    Mine is stuck on this too. Zero data. It was able to connect via ftp and let me choose a directory. This forum is useless. It's only user to user support. You'd think smarter tools could at least have one person offer some help. It's not like there are a bazzillion posts on here every day.

    If you want help quickly, you're going to have to use up a support ticket.