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Bug/Issue Site Tuning - "An error occured during the scan"

Discussion in 'SmarterStats' started by pdumigan, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. pdumigan

    pdumigan New Member


    SmarterStats Enterprise Edition 7.1.4450 running as a site on IIS 7. The server is dedicated to SmarterStats and gathers the logs of a remote IIS server to analyze them. When I try to run site tuning against the remote web site, it progresses to about "169 of 400" pages and then throws an error. "An error occured during the scan". At that point I cannot do anything more and the Site Tuning portion no longer responds. The rest of the interface seems to be fine.

    If I check the tuning.log, it just stops with an entry for the last page it checked. In the SSSvc.log, I get the following entry:

    [2012-04-05 11:28:16] (SiteTuning_1_1)
    System.UriFormatException: Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed.
    at System.Uri.CreateHostStringHelper(String str, UInt16 idx, UInt16 end, Flags& flags, String& scopeId)
    at System.Uri.CreateHostString()
    at System.Uri.GetComponentsHelper(UriComponents uriComponents, UriFormat uriFormat)
    at System.Uri.get_AbsoluteUri()
    at SStatSvc.Control.SiteTuningCrawler.CrawlPage(String , Int32 )
    at SStatSvc.Control.SiteTuningCrawler.CrawlPage()
    at SStatSvc.Control.TaskThread_SiteTuning.DoWork()
    (52 Used/2674 Free)

    If I try to do anything like start or stop another Site Tuning Scan, the entire SmarterStats interface becomes unresponsive.

    If I restart the SSSVC service, the SSCVS log shows a normal startup and the tuning log writes another entry [2012-04-05 11:33:30] (ServiceLifetimeThread) SITE_TUNING: TASK FINISHED: http://www.ceoe.udel.edu/ (53 Used/2684 Free). The web interface also reports that the scan completed, but I know it did not since it only analyzed a small portion of the site. I can view reports on the portion that it did scan.

    Any ideas on what is happening here?