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Relay Problems - "No such user here"

Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by Camilo99, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. Camilo99

    Camilo99 New Member

    Hello. I have just installed SmaterEmail and I'm having problem configuring SMTP relay.

    I set it up to 'Nobody'. With this option, it is supposed that people with a login and password and an exiting email account are able to use the SMTP service. No one else will be able to use it.

    My problem is that under this configuration, when trying to send email with any email client, like Outlook Express, I get the following error: "550 <email address> No such user here".

    If I configure the SMTP authentication info to use a wrong user or password, Outlook Express will show me a window asking to confirm username/password.

    So I know the problem is not wrong userid or password. Outlook won't show any windows, just the error description. The user I'm using is the same email address the account has, so it is not true that the user does not exist.

    I can log in and send email w/o problems from web interface.

    If I send email to local domain, it will happily accept it. If email is located outside, like hotmail, it will show error message.

    I have also temporarily configured SMTP to 'anyone'. In this case, email will be acepted w/o any problem.

    The only strange thing I can think of, is that I have one domain name with 5 different domain aliases.

    Please help!
    I'm entitled to 30 days of support. I would like to know where can I call or contact to get help with this issue.


    Camilo Arango
  2. ST-BGrosz

    ST-BGrosz SmarterTools Staff

    Hi Camilo,

    This is a problem that will be fixed in the next minor release. That will be out no later than friday. Until then you can just set the relay setting to "Only Local Users".

    You can get help by sending an email into support@smartertools.com, or calling 1.877.357.6278.
  3. Peter_Niggemann

    Peter_Niggemann New Member

    Any word on this? I have been unable to get either the 1.5x or 1.6x to use authentication.
  4. ST-BGrosz

    ST-BGrosz SmarterTools Staff

    Re: Relay Problems - &quot;No such user here&quot;

    Version 1.62 should be out later today (mon 3/29). If you want me to send you an email immediately after it becomes available, just send a message to support@smartertools.com requesting it. If you can't wait you can download a pre-release version right now at http://www.smartertools.com/downloads/smartermail_setup_162rc.exe
  5. Peter_Niggemann

    Peter_Niggemann New Member

    No dice. The new program works as the old program. Any combination of settings will not result in the authentication working.
  6. ST-BGrosz

    ST-BGrosz SmarterTools Staff

    Hi Peter,

    Can you set me up a test account on your server so I can try it? Also let me know the ip to the server. You will probably want to send that info into support@smartertools.com so you don't give active account info on public forums. Just put Attention: Bryon somewhere in the email.

    If you do that, I will take a look at it. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out what the problem is.

  7. Peter_Niggemann

    Peter_Niggemann New Member


    I sent you an e-mail explaining the problem. I think you can test the settings on your own server as it seems to have the same issue otherwise I think you would also be using authentication and not the "Local User" setting.

    If you did not get the e-mail then please send one to me at peter.niggemann@lab-robotics.org.

  8. Corey Bryant

    Corey Bryant New Member

    I am getting this as well. I downloaded the current SmarterMail just about 10 days ago.

  9. acw

    acw New Member

    I'm experiencing what appears to be the same problem. The user correctly authenticates but gives me the "No such user here" error if the "from" email is not in this mail server.
  10. ST-BGrosz

    ST-BGrosz SmarterTools Staff

    What version of SmarterMail are you using? That was fixed in version 1.62.
  11. acw

    acw New Member

    At first I was ignoring it but now I need it to be fixed as I need to be able to email using other email addresses.

    I'm running SmarterMailâ„¢ Professional Edition 1.6.1511.28102.

    Here is what I'm trying to do. I have the following configured in SmarterMail:
    Domain: testdomain.com
    Email Account: test@testdomain.com
    Email Password: test1234

    I have a web application that needs to be able to send email from one user to another. The code is something like the following:

    objEmail.SMTP = "mail.testdomain.com"
    objEmail.UserName = "test@testdomain.com"
    objEmail.Password = "test1234"
    objEmail.ToEmail = "user1@user1domain.com"
    objEmail.FromEmail = "user1@user2domain.com"

    The code above gives me the "No such user here" error. If I change the from email to objEmail.FromEmail = "test@testdomain.com" then it works.

    I should also mention that the user1domain.com and user2domain.com are not in this mail server.

  12. acw

    acw New Member

    Here is what I get in the logs when it doesn't work.

    14:15:22 [IP] connected at 5/17/2004 2:15:22 PM
    14:15:22 [IP] cmd: EHLO server
    14:15:22 [IP] rsp: 250-server Hello [IP] 250-SIZE 250-AUTH LOGIN CRAM-MD5 250 OK
    14:15:22 [IP] cmd: AUTH LOGIN
    14:15:22 [IP] rsp: 334 {????????????}
    14:15:22 [IP] rsp: 334 {????????????}
    14:15:22 [IP] rsp: 235 Authentication successful
    14:15:22 [IP] cmd: MAIL FROM:
    14:15:22 [IP] rsp: 250 OK Sender ok
    14:15:22 [IP] cmd: RCPT TO:
    14:15:22 [IP] rsp: 550 No such user here
    14:15:22 [IP] cmd: QUIT
    14:15:22 [IP] rsp: 221 Service closing transmission channel
    14:15:22 [IP] disconnected at 5/17/2004 2:15:22 PM
  13. ST-BGrosz

    ST-BGrosz SmarterTools Staff

    This was fixed a few versions back. You can download the latest version (1.63) at http://www.smartertools.com/downloads/smartermail_setup.exe

    Please uninstall your current version of SmarterMail before installing this new version. All settings/domains/users/mail will be retained through the uninstall/install process.
  14. acw

    acw New Member

    Thanks st-bgrosz.

    I should have realized I did not have the right version after you last post. For some reason I thought I had a new one.

    Anyway, I followed your instructions and I was back in business, with no data loss, in a matter of minutes. And yes, this version is working as expected - I don't get the "No such user here" error.

    Thanks again!