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Bug/Issue "Quarter to Date" broken and HTML in e-mail intro Message texts disable

Discussion in 'SmarterStats' started by Neogic, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Neogic

    Neogic New Member

    Hi ST team - 2 issues experienced with a SmarterStats Enterprise v7.1 install (I'm an end-user):

    1. "Quarter to Date" duration for custom report items is broken - it appears to be showing "current quarter" (i.e., fixed interval rather than "to-date"), which makes no sense as it usually includes 1 or month blank months of data.

    2. Previously HTML was allowed in the Message text for scheduled e-mails. This allowed reasonably polished introduction information to be included for the client, include a table / list containing support information, and makes sense as the final e-mail is HTML.

      For some bizarre reason this was disabled in the latest version of SS - the welcome message is now HTML encoded. Not only that, whatever message is entered is shown in an ugly Times New Roman font rather than the one used elsewhere in the report, which makes it too unprofessional to use.

      PLEASE could the ability to use HTML in e-mails be restored. I cannot see any reason this was disabled and it's forced us to remove all our client welcome messages. If this isn't possible (why?), please could the font at least be changed to match the rest of the report so it doesn't look ridiculous.

    Thanks! Ben
  2. Neogic

    Neogic New Member

    Would be good to get a response from the SS team on the above issues?

    RE #2, I've also realised that not even line breaks are preserved in the Message text - so it's one long line of text in Times Roman, instead of the previous ability to include HTML tables, bullets etc. What an improvement. :(
  3. Neogic

    Neogic New Member

    Also a bug that I raised on this forum years ago that *still* hasn't been fixed: when editing a Custom Report Item, the value of the Filter setting is lost and reset back to "None".