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Problem with "ticket transferred" event

Discussion in 'SmarterTrack' started by Parking, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Parking

    Parking New Member

    Some days ago I noticed that action "send email" for Ticket Transferred Event did not work.
    Other words, having event type "ticket transferred" and action "send email" there is no email to agent email when ticket was transferred to agent.
    I checked and had next result:
    - about month ago and earlier email for this event type was working prorerly (ie after transferring ticket to agent, he got email notification as is in his event settings)
    - All email notifications for other events are working (ex. Ticket created etc)
    - no any problem from SMTP server
    - no any changes in templates or any other files in helpdesk files was made
    - one reason I can imagine is changes in Framework after monthly security updates this month, but not, I try delete all last Microsoft updates for Framework and nothing chsnged with email notification
    - no any changes in event settings from users (and admin's events too)
    - no any errors in logs (system logs, SmarterTrack logs)
    - all self-diagnostic tests passed

    and SmarterTrack Version: 7.5.4412

    Can anyone help me what else I can do (where to dig deeper) to resolve this problen as my agents is crying without this feature :(
    thanks for any advice!