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Outlook 2007 receives but won't send email. PLEASE HELP!

Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by JoshuaMeeker, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. JoshuaMeeker

    JoshuaMeeker New Member

    My outlook receives email just fine but for some reason it won't send anything. I check my settings against my business partners whose works just fine and they are identical. PLEASE HELP!

    Thank You
  2. slalomdrew

    slalomdrew Active Member

    Do you get any errors? Have you contacted your email provider or IT professional within your business?
  3. gcorwin

    gcorwin Member

    Yes, please provide more information than just this. Are you allowing relaying on the server? Are you authenticating SMTP? Are can you send a test to yourself?

    More info please...
  4. JoshuaMeeker

    JoshuaMeeker New Member

    Sorry for such little info...

    • Unfamilliar with 'relaying' on the server or where I would make such a change.
    • SMTP requires authentication = Yes
    • POP3 = 110
    • SMTP = 25
    • No SSL
    I'm not real sure what else to check?!?! Also, my business partner has his Outlook set up the EXACT same way as mine and his works perfectly. I'm so confused...
    Thanks again for the help...
  5. slalomdrew

    slalomdrew Active Member

    Does Outlook give any info?? Have you contacted your email provider?
  6. JoshuaMeeker

    JoshuaMeeker New Member

    This is the "error message" I get:
    Task 'xxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com - Sending' reported error (0x80042109): 'Outlook cannot connect to your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'
  7. glowthian

    glowthian New Member

    If you are not on the same network as the mail server try to telnet to it, open a command prompt and type "telnet ipaddress 25" if you don't get a response than your ISP is blocking SMTP as more and more are doing and you will have to use their SMTP server to send mail.
    If this is the case you can try to set the
    Submission IP:port to something like 2525 and enable it, then change your client SMTP port to 2525 and that should bypass an ISP block
  8. JoshuaMeeker

    JoshuaMeeker New Member

    Thanks everyone for the help! Looks like my ISP IS blocking port 25 & it is now being fixed. THANK YOU![:D]
  9. Hannay

    Hannay New Member

    Thanks for that, the same thing happened to me, my ISP told me to change to port 587 and it started working again.

    Whats it all about!!???
  10. denco1951

    denco1951 New Member

    it worked ty........................changed the port to 587........ty....
  11. Ben M

    Ben M New Member

    Just replaced a Dell (running Windows XP) laptop with an HP running Vista. Everything else is the same, but Outlook 2007 now won"t send. The HP sees my router and logs on to the internet with no problem, and my Desktop (running XP) sends and receives with no problem. Help!
  12. glowthian

    glowthian New Member

    What error are you getting in Outlook, and do you see anything in the SMTP log. I just upgraded two Dell laptops to Vista/Office 2007 with no problem, the settings in outlook are the same as 2003. Being a Dell person I would have to say this is an HP problem, but only because something is configured differently somewhere.
  13. arfandoger

    arfandoger New Member

    i try to telnet my ip and it connect to the that ip, after that i test my e-mail setting configuration, it also shows my it working fine and test is successfully done. but still my e-mails are not sent.

    pls give me a slotuion if u have any.

  14. moonglyttr

    moonglyttr New Member

    YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! I've been searching and going crazy for the past 3 days trying to figure out why my mail wouldn't send. I could receive just fine. But I thought it wasn't a server problem since I have two different emails with two different ISPs. I just found your posting and changed both my SMTP ports to 587 and now I'm sending mail!!! Thank you for posting REAL help!!!
  15. tany

    tany New Member

    Hello, I am having this same issue, but 587 is not working, I guess it is still blocked. However, I did change it on my client SMTP, but didn't change it on my Submission IP, can you direct me to that location, so I can see if that is the issue.

  16. davgotden

    davgotden New Member

    Mine is one of those that the 587 won't work. I switched the setting for the server port number to 2525, but I don't know how to change my "client SMTP port" to match. Can you fill me in on that one? Thanks!
  17. davgotden

    davgotden New Member

    Oh, and what is smartermail and how do I do that?
  18. davgotden

    davgotden New Member

    The problem is Comcast. I called them up and they "unlocked" my account and now my email works again. Apparently they are trying to force everyone into using their services, and making it hard to use aol and such. I think it is a stupid move on their part, because I just spent 8 of the most frustrating hours trying to fix this thing, and it is all their fault.. I will hold it against them for a long time to come...
  19. EscottB

    EscottB New Member

    How did you get Comcast to "unlock" your account? The person I spoke with told me they allow Port 587, but it hasn't worked for me for the past week. I have the same issue, Outlook 2007 will receive e-mail all day, but when I send it's not being received on the other end. Outlook is not giving me an error message. It appears to send fine as the message goes to my outbox and then to my sent folder. However, no one is receiving my e-mail. I use IPower to host my domain and my e-mail settings in Outlook are as follows:

    Name = my first/last name

    E-mail address = eric@esbrec.com

    Account type = POP3

    Incoming and outgoing = same server and are correct

    Username = eric@esbrec.com

    Password = is correct

    Outgoing Server tab = My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication (this is checked)

    Connection = connect using my local area network (this is chosen)

    Advanced--> Incoming server (POP3) = 110 and Outgoing server (SMTP) = 587

    I have removed Outlook 2003 and installed Outlook 2007. I have also done a system restore back to factory settings and transferred all my backed-up data in. I have scanned for viruses, spyware, and adware - all clean. I was able to send e-mail for about two hours this morning after having taken these measures, but now I'm back to where I started. I can receive e-mail but the e-mail I send is not being received by others and I get no error message from Outlook. My next step is to change hosting companies and see if that helps. If not, I suppose I'll have to get a new laptop, start from scratch and not transfer in my date, but have it available on my old laptop just in case.

    Any ideas or help would be much appreciated.