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Bug/Issue No User Agent Is missing

Discussion in 'SmarterStats' started by emalahi, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. emalahi

    emalahi New Member

    Hi There
    this is really strange, I am looking on two diffident SmarterStats from 2 different licenses, both version are the same version 7.1.4450 witch is the last version. one SmarterStates shows my the UserAgent under each IP address as you can see in the screen shot and the other one dose not. what happen?

    Please view the screen shot showing both SmaterStats next to each other and one of them on the left is not showing UserAgent

    please help, have I done something wrong?

    SmarterStates Showing Diffrent Report.jpg
  2. ST-BWard

    ST-BWard SmarterTools Staff

    You will want to enable the "Enable IP address resolution" option. This is a users level setting. Go to Settings | Account Settings | Report Option tab and then enable the "Enable IP address resolution" check box. Once that is done you should have the additional information under the IP address.