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Message has been removed from this mailbox

Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by nnamdi, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. nnamdi

    nnamdi New Member

    I just started using SmaterMail on my site. I download my mails using a client. After downing my mails I get an equal number of the mails with the follwoing message

    "A message has been removed from this mailbox by an entity other than this program, probably by a virus scanner. This message is a replacement for the missing message."

    Whats going on . How do I switch this option off.
  2. ST-BGrosz

    ST-BGrosz SmarterTools Staff

    Are you using SmarterMail through a hosting company or are you running SmarterMail on your own server?

    If it is on your own server, we have just released a new version that should fix this bug. You can download it at http://www.smartertools.com/downloads/SmarterMail/smartermail2_setup.exe. Please uninstall your current version of SmarterMail before installing this new version.

    Also, are you running any antivirus software on your server? If so, you will want to avoid scanning the domains directorires which are located in the "c:\SmarterMail\domains" folder by default. Just the way SmarterMail stores email, if a virus gets detected in one of your emails and the virus scanner deletes or cleans or moves the infected file, it will mess up a days worth of email messages. You definitely want to avoid scanning those domains folders.
  3. muppet

    muppet New Member


    I'm using SmarterMail 2.0 on a dedicated server of my own and I have one client who has also received a number of these emails and is getting more and more worried by it. Can you shed any light on how to stop it from happening? Any help much appreciated. (am newbie to this forum so apologies if it has been resolved somewhere).