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Bug/Issue MAILER-DAEMON emails being delayed.

Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by JAlles, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. JAlles

    JAlles New Member

    Last Wednesday we upgraded our Smartermail system from v8.1.4212 to 9.1.4429. We've discovered that some incoming messages are not being delivered properly since the upgrade. Our email infrastructure is set up so that DNS MX records are set to deliver incoming emails to 3 Postfix servers running Linux or FreeBSD which do some simple checks to block the most blatantly obvious spams, do virus scans, and queue messages before delivering to Smartermail for fine-grained spam filtering and delivery to mailboxes. Since the upgrade, messages which Postfix identifies as being from MAILER-DAEMON are not being delivered properly. They are either being delayed or not delivered at all and just build up in the sending queue in Postfix. The logs on the Postfix side show the connection being attempted to deliver to the smartermail system, then times out after several minutes as shown below.

    Mar  6 13:40:01 dnsmx1 postfix/qmgr[10376]: 868392E0B5: from=<>, size=73935, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
    Mar  6 13:42:01 dnsmx1 postfix/smtp[12112]: 868392E0B5: to=<connies@domain.com>, relay=samsahost02.samsa.com[]:25, delay=110062, delays=109942/0.03/0.01/120, dsn=4.4.2, status=deferred (conversation with samsahost02.samsa.com[] timed out while sending DATA command)
    On the Smartermail side I get this logged...

    13:39:53 [][18143405] rsp: 220 samsahost02.samsa.com 
    13:39:53 [][18143405] connected at 3/6/2012 1:39:53 PM
    13:39:53 [][18143405] cmd: EHLO mx1.samsa.com
    13:39:53 [][18143405] rsp: 250-samsahost02.samsa.com Hello [] 250-SIZE 31457280 250-AUTH LOGIN CRAM-MD5 250 OK 
    13:39:53 [][18143405] cmd: MAIL FROM:<>
    13:39:53 [][18143405] rsp: 250 OK <> Sender ok 
    13:39:53 [][18143405] cmd: RCPT TO:<connies@vobsaginaw.com>
    13:39:53 [][18143405] rsp: 250 OK <connies@vobsaginaw.com> Recipient ok 
    13:39:53 [][18143405] cmd: DATA
    13:39:53 [][18143405] Exception: Couldn't find a viable address
       at SmarterTools.Common.Text.EmailParser.GetEmailAddress(String s)
       at TcpServerLib.SMTPSession.#yDc(String )
    13:41:53 [][18143405] disconnected at 3/6/2012 1:41:53 PM
    The exception is logged almost immediately then the connection appears to hang until it finally times out 2 or 3 minutes later. This system with the Postfix servers in front of the Smartermail server has been working since 2007 and nothing has changed on the Postfix side. It started the day of the Smartermail upgrade. Anyone have any ideas what might be happening to us?


    Jeff Alles
    Network Administrator
    SAMSA, Inc.
  2. tweakservers

    tweakservers Member

    you may be have a better idea to raise a support ticket with SmarterTools support by referencing to this thread...
  3. JAlles

    JAlles New Member

    I had already opened a ticket with support for the issue but was not getting much assistance from them. Support has now apparently transferred our issue to the developers to solve. Looks like we may have truly found a programming bug.

  4. JAlles

    JAlles New Member

    Solution found.

    One of the developers was able to solve our problem. Somehow we had a domain with a domain alias added to it that had a blank name. Somehow that caused the smtp service to hang when certain types of emails came in, messages with a null envelope sender specifically. He removed the bad alias and these blocked emails are now being received properly. He said that a minor patch was going to be released today which would add checks to prevent blank domain aliases from being created, and also fix the smtp service to avoid stalling out if one does happen to exist somewhere.

    Jeff Alles
    Network Administrator
    SAMSA, Inc.