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Mailbox Migration from Exchange 07 - missing mail, but cal+contacts worked

Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by halogroup, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. halogroup

    halogroup Member

    I am trying to migrate ~30 accounts from an existing Exchange server over to SM 9.2 before it gets shut down on me. For the smaller accounts (< 1000 messages) this has seemed to work fine, so far. However, on the larger ones, it seems to be missing all email after the migration is complete. Calendar and contacts are imported correctly to each account, and are viewable within the SmarterMail web interface. But the inbox remains empty, no subfolders show up, and on the user's My Today Page it says "Currently Used 1kb" under Disk Space Limits, even though it should have imported thousands of messages.

    There are subfolders within the "ImapRetrieval" folder on the hard disk, and they contain .eml files, so on some level I believe the import did function. Do I just need to wait for these to be indexed or something? If so, how long? A couple of the accounts have been "finished" for well over an hour now, and still no sign of the email showing up inside the actual account. Is there something else I need to do to manually trigger these to populate into the account?

    Thank you.
  2. halogroup

    halogroup Member

    Figured it out. Note that this was for new accounts set up for the sole purpose of importing from Exchange; presumably, if you are importing to an existing, already-populated account, this probably won't work, since it involves trashing the entire folder and letting SmarterMail rebuild it from scratch. Also, I was doing this on a test server, so I was pretty cavalier about stopping and starting the SM service whenever I felt like it, which may not be an option for you.

    - Wait until the Mailbox Migration process says "Done" across the board, then log out of all accounts and stop the SmarterMail service.

    - Navigate into the user's mail folder (in my case, D:\SmarterMail Data\Domains\(domain)\Users\(user)\Mail) and delete everything inside it.

    - Navigate into the migration data folder (D:\SmarterMail Data\ImapRetrieval\(md5 hash) - there may be more than one of these, you have to poke around to find the right one), select everything, and copy everything inside of it.

    - Go back to the user's (now-empty) mail folder, and paste everything you just copied out of the ImapRetrieval subfolder.

    - Start the SM service.

    - Log in as the user, or log in as Admin and impersonate the user. The first pageload will take awhile, because SM is rebuilding everything. Once the page finishes, everything should be done and the entire .

    The only problem I had with this was that some messages (seemingly random) lost their original date/time stamp, and so appeared as if they were received "now" rather than the actual date specified in the headers. If anyone knows how to avoid that and extract the dates out of the headers correctly, I'm all ears.

    Hope this helps someone.