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Login account user

Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by thaibiz, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. thaibiz

    thaibiz New Member

    Normally for Login must user@example.com If not follow @example.com, Can? & How do?
  2. DXD

    DXD Product Expert

    For webmail if SmarterMail has only 1 domain you may use just the user name without @example.com If you have multiple domains then the only time you can use the username without the @example.com is when the domain they browsed to matched.

    For example you go to http://webmail.mydomain1.com and then the user@mydomain1.com can login as user without @mydomain1.com and someone that goes to http://webmail.mydomain2.com and the user@mydomain2.com can login as user without @mydomain2.com.
  3. thaibiz

    thaibiz New Member

    Normally for Login must user@domain.com, but I want login username no @domain.com Can? & How do?
  4. Sharon Xpress

    Sharon Xpress New Member

    Configure smarter mail with thunderbird

    Hi there,can anyone guide me through how to add smarter mail to my thunderbird mail...I try but was alway prompt wrong username ad password..

    Thank you
  5. DXD

    DXD Product Expert

    I just told you how it works.
  6. DXD

    DXD Product Expert

    Don't hi-jack someone's thread. Start your own thread for your questions.