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Installing Funambol for SyncML

Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by paoloruckstuhl, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. paoloruckstuhl

    paoloruckstuhl New Member

    Hi all,

    I am pretty new to Smartermail and Funambol.

    I have Smatermail running with y couple of users and would need SyncML to sync with some mobile devices.
    -Smartemail 9
    -Funambol 10
    -Sync for contacts (no email)
    -Windows XP pro

    Basically i did not find a key setting for funambol:
    - Where do i setup within Funambol the mailserver, i.e. where to find Smartermail?

    My understanding for Funambol is, that it works as some kind of interface between Smartermail and mobile devices using SincML. And for that a need to find the source (i.e. the mailserver) and the appropriate login infoamtions.

    Either i am too newbie or i am looking to far ;-))

    Many thanks in advance for any help.

  2. chicagonettech

    chicagonettech Product Expert

    funambol is an ADD ON for the SMART DEVICE.

    Which version you use is dependant on what smart device you are using, what operating system it is running, and what VERSION of the operating system it is running.

    See: http://www.funambol.com/ for more information.