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Import Webalizer's Stats & Difference

Discussion in 'SmarterStats' started by dukejames, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. dukejames

    dukejames Member

    I have 2 questions.

    1.) After choosing to save my log files, I've started importing them into SmarterStats for analysis. After reviewing, I notice that my usage statistics (hits, pages and views or visits) are different from what's calculated with Webalizer. Shouldn't the numbers be the same? Is SmarterStats omitting or adding certain dependencies?

    2.) Webalizer shows statistics from 12 months ago. Conveniently, I don't see any way to download log files from that far. The provider states that log files are only available after choosing to save them within cPanel. Does anyone know of a way how I could get this data imported into SmarterStats? I did see another thread which asked about importing Webalizer statistics but there was no answer.

  2. dukejames

    dukejames Member

    I've installed Awstats and compared all 3 (Webalizer, Smarterstats and Awstats) results. They are all different! I was expecting the numbers to be the same but the features (viewing/exporting/manipulating reports) to be different.

    Can someone shed more light into the SmarterStats product?
  3. DXD

    DXD Product Expert

    You will probably want to contact SmarterTools sales directly on this as there could be a million reasons why the end data is different. It would all come down to how each product analyzes the IIS log files when they are imported. I don't know of any of the users on here that could clearly define that for you other them SmarterTools staff them self.

    I do know there was post not to long ago (that I can't find now) that talked about how SmarterStats analyzes the data that was posted by the SmarterTools Staff.