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Question Hits and Partial Content

Discussion in 'SmarterStats' started by Justin Boyd, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Justin Boyd

    Justin Boyd New Member

    New to the forum but hoping someone could assist. Recently moved to a new server with SmarterStats 6.5(Free) installed. We use this server to host our MP3 files for our radio shows. Because of that, we need to accurately measure the daily hits/downloads of each file for advertiser purposes. Since moving over from our old server, we noticed that our hits/downloads were down drastically and could not figure out why. Most segments would average around 3k downloads a day on the old server, since moving they were only averaging 1k per day.

    Today I noticed while looking at "Result Codes" that Code 206 - Partial Content is registering a TON of hits. Could it be possible that if people listen to say only half an audio segment, that their visit is counted on Code 206 instead of a regular hit/download? Is there any way to remedy this or turn off the partial content code so we can get an accurate measurement of the hits getting to each segment even if the user does not listen all the way through?

    Any help or advice is appreciated.
  2. Andy Schmidt

    Andy Schmidt Member

    A 206 means that the browser (or media player, or download manager) requested only a part of the file (e.g,. only a certain page of a PDF document, or restarting an incomplete download). The request specifies a byte offset and number of bytes.

    I suspect that SmarterStats treats those 206's differently, because maybe some MediaPlayers download a single media file in many small segments, which would then have that "one" file appear as many individual hits.

    Of course, the risk is that they don't even count the FIRST 206 in a sequence of many - which means it would be "0" hits when it should be at least ONE.

    I think it would be a good compromise to look at a 206 from a client, and check if the previous request from that same client was for the SAME file. If not, count it as a (new) hit. If it's the same, count it as a continuation of the original hit for that document.