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Exchange account does not show email body in Outlook 2011 after upgrade to SP2

Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by grnst, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. grnst

    grnst New Member

    Yesterday I updated my Mac Outlook 2011 to the latest SP2. After this no email body is showed anymore. I only see the the button. All our Exchange users having the same problem. I noticed that the smartermail Exchange account keeps downloading attachments over and over again. I lt it run more than 24 hrs to be shure, but still it is downloading the same attachments...

    I tested everything, but nothing will help. When I add the same Exchange account to the program Apple Mail, everything works fine. Also my pda's are working fine. When I add the same account just as imap to Outlook it also works fine. When I add a real exhange server account, it also works fine.

    So it is possible a "bug" in Outlook 2011 SP2, or from sp2 it uses a different way of communicating with my Smartermail server.

    Does anyone having the same problem or know how to fix this? Please advise.
  2. ST-BLeblanc

    ST-BLeblanc Member

    In the latest Outlook 2011 release, Microsoft changed their sync strategy for retrieving messages to a method that was unsupported with our current implementation of Exchange Web Services. We have built support for this method and it will be included in our next minor release of 9.x
  3. grnst

    grnst New Member

    Thx for the update. When can we download this update?
  4. jimkc

    jimkc New Member

    I would like an estimated release date as well. I have users using the web interface. I need to know whether I need to move them back to IMAP or if a fix will be available shortly.
  5. ST-TUzzanti

    ST-TUzzanti SmarterTools Staff

  6. grnst

    grnst New Member

    hopefully the fix will be there soon.. I will have allot of unhappy users at the moment. .:(