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Bug/Issue Error sending mail

Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by mauro1947, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. mauro1947

    mauro1947 Member

    Take a look at this delivery logs:

    Any idea on how to fix it?
  2. chicagonettech

    chicagonettech Product Expert

    post your domain name and version of SmarterMail and we can test.
  3. mauro1947

    mauro1947 Member

    SM Enterprise 10.6.4717
    Domain sbs.com.ar

  4. csimo

    csimo Product Expert

    That looks like a .Net Framework error on your server. I'd first run the System File Check and if that didn't help I'd remove, reboot and reinstall .Net 4.

    I think I remember something about SmarterTools saying some network cards caused this or a similar problem. Either way the problem seems to be inside your server. Check the Event logs and see if they give any more info.
  5. chicagonettech

    chicagonettech Product Expert

    You mail server is not reachable on port 25. It looks like one of several issues:

    1. You have not mapped your port numbers to the IP ADDRESSES and hostnames inside SmarterMail.

    2. Port 25 is closed on your firewall

    3. You do not have the three MX HOSTNAMES setup on the correct IP ADDRESSES in your SmarterMail configuration

    4. You do not have the IP ADDRESSES assigned to each of the three hostnames you are using for MX records assigned to the correct IP addresses

    PM me if you need assistance on this.