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Question Don't send auto-responder for CCs?

Discussion in 'SmarterTrack' started by Andrew, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    We are trialing SmarterTrack Enterprise 7.6.4443. We've set up our support email address as the POP address and switched on the auto-responder.

    I understand the term "auto-responder", but is there any way of configuring when this is sent?

    Our customers often CC this email address in communication with others, which doesn't warrant retaining a ticket. In this situation I want to delete the ticket and not have them receive the auto-responder. So not sending it when POP address is only CC'd would probably be enough.

    I haven't spent too much time yet on events, but could these be used as an alternative to moderate who receives a response email?