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Question Disabling star ratings from Knowledge Base

Discussion in 'SmarterTrack' started by MPhillips, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. MPhillips

    MPhillips New Member

    SmarterTrack Enterprise 7.6.4450

    We enabled Knowledge Base article ratings for a time, but now we have disabled them. What I want to do now is remove the existing ratings, so that no star system is visible when users are viewing the KB.

    Settings > Portal > Knowledge Base > "Enable ratings" is unchecked
    Knowledge Base > Rating moderation > Any user who left a rating has been "Excluded"

    Yet star ratings still show up in the KB. See: http://support.discountasp.net/KB/c214/discountaspnet.aspx

    1) Why would the KB indicate that there are active ratings when all users who left ratings have been excluded?
    2) How do I remove that Ratings column completely?
  2. MPhillips

    MPhillips New Member

    Nothing? Anyone?
  3. MPhillips

    MPhillips New Member

    Any answer for this?
  4. MPhillips

    MPhillips New Member

    Any answer for this?
  5. ST-AWhite

    ST-AWhite New Member

    Hello Mphillips,

    You're correct. That is the setting that should remove the Rating column on the portal home page. This will be fixed in our next release of 7.x.

    If you need to remove this column for the time being you can always modify the skin directly.

  6. MPhillips

    MPhillips New Member

    Thanks for the response.