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converting mailenable

Discussion in 'Utilities and Plug-ins' started by RichardF, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. RichardF

    RichardF Member

    when i start the mailenable migration tool it looks like it's meant to migrate from mailenable to smartermail on the same server.

    Is that right?

    my situation is that I have seperate fysical servers. so my question is how do I get the export from the mailenable server to the other smartermail server?
  2. tweakservers

    tweakservers Member

    you would need to install SM on the same as your Mailenable and run the migration. Upon completing the migration, migrate the SmarterMail data to your post office as outlined by the KB "Migrating SmarterMail"
  3. waltk

    waltk New Member

    Me too

    I had the same issue. Here's my solution... copy your MailEnable stuff from the old server to the new (SmarterMail) server.

    You don't need to actually install MailEnable on the SmarterMail server, you only have to copy your MailEnable files and Registry entries. You should copy everything under your MailEnable installation directory to the same location on the SM server. Then use RegEdit to export all the registry entries under HKLM\Software\MailEnable. Copy the exported .REG file to the SM server and double-click it to have RegEdit add it to the registry.

    Once you have all the files and registry entries in place, you should be able to run the utility. It worked for me, and I was able to successfully import a domain with a bunch of user accounts.