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Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by GPIS, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. GPIS

    GPIS New Member

    Anyone managed to get Calendar working in updated Calendar on Mountain Lion.

    Used CalDav on old iCal and it worked well. But seems busted now.

    Interested to hear anyone elses experiences.
  2. GPIS

    GPIS New Member

    Anyone out there ? Yes or No , surely we are not the only ones using calDAV on Macs and Mountain Lion OsX10.8
  3. npadley

    npadley New Member

    The only way I could get it to work was using Exchange Web Service, but then the reminders don't sync.
  4. chicagonettech

    chicagonettech Product Expert

    This is what we tell our customers to use WebDAV and CardDAV on OSX 10.7 and it works fine for them. These same settings should also work under OSX 10.8.

    Note that OSX 10.7 and above require that TWO accounts be created to sync both the ADDRESS BOOK and CALENDAR:

    The example below shows port 443 because all connections to our mail server must be done under SSL


    • Go to System Preferences
    • Click Mail, Contacts & Calendars
    • Highlight Add Account and click Other.
    • Select CardDav and click Create.
    • Fill in the following:
      • UserName: Your User Name is your FULL E-MAIL ADDRESS.
      • Password: This is the password assigned to your e-mail address.
      • Server name:
      • Click Create. Your account is now setup. You can view your contacts by opening Address Book.
    • Save the configuration
    CalDAV for iCal:

    • Go to System Preferences
    • Click Mail, Contacts & Calendars
    • Highlight Add Account and click Other.
    • Select CalDav and click Create.
    • Fill in the following:
      • UserName: Your User Name is your FULL E-MAIL ADDRESS.
      • Password: This is the password assigned to your e-mail address.
      • Server name:
      • Click Create. Your account is now setup. You can view your contacts by opening Address Book.
    • Save the configuration

      Important Information:
      - because ChicagoNetTech runs SSL for e-mail access, you must always use "" for the server name connection.
      - Your User Name must be your full email address.
  5. GPIS

    GPIS New Member

    Thanks Bruce,

    Interesting have you actually got it working under 10.8?

    We have this working fine on 10.7, however upgrade to 10.8 and calendar is definitely broken.

    Have tried deleting account and remaking but seems just not to work. I.m not sure this is a smarter mail problem as I have seen other posts online mentioning broken calDav after Mountain Lion upgrade.

    I'd be really interested if anyone has got the above working on 10.8.

  6. npadley

    npadley New Member

    Hi Bruce,

    I could never get my Smartermail CalDav working under 10.7 or 10.8. I kept getting the error "An unknown error occurred." Not sure what is up with that - I use iCloud and Google as well and they both worked fine.
  7. ST-TUzzanti

    ST-TUzzanti SmarterTools Staff

    I use 10.7 and 10.8 on different MacBooks and iMac's. I use CalDav / CardDav / EWS with no issues.

    It sounds as if you might have something misconfigured on the server.. possibly within IIS.

    Have you thought about opening a support incident so we can help you get things up and running?

  8. Chunky

    Chunky Member

    I can't setup any CalDAV calendars in iCal, have tried everything i can find on the forum with no success.
    Also raised a ticket and they said they know of the issue and it should be fixed in the next minor update...
    1 major update and 2 minor updates later and still not working.
    I seem to be getting a list of what are for me major issues thats making it a real pain to use SmarterMail and even raising a ticket doesn't seem to help any of the issues.
    Perhaps i should be a beta tester as I sure as hell seem to find all the problems!

    I have been playing around with some settings and it would seem that with iCal you can't add multiple calendars from the same server address. So what I did was add a few subdomains pointing to the mail server, e.g.
    I have now been able to add more than one calendar, I am just waiting for the DNS to update now so i can see if i can add all the calendars without issue...
    This is using Mac OSX Mountain Lion & SM10 v10.1.4597
  9. mbiolsi

    mbiolsi New Member

    Account is added BUT it will not update

    When I use the settings you have referred to my account is added to the system preferences immediately. HOWEVER, when I open up iCal I immediately see the following error message:
    The request for account “CBE Events” failed.

    The server responded with
    to operation CalDAVAccountRefreshQueueableOperation.
  10. kmulligan

    kmulligan Member

    I was able to successfully configure iCal through EWS in 10.8. I've noticed that "Mail, Contacts & Calendars" in System Preferences will crash during autodiscover, but if I create the account in Mail, it works and will prompt if I want to setup contacts / calendars as well and then configures those for me. After that, I'm able to modify the account in System Preferences to includes notes, though I haven't tested whether or not those actually work.
  11. GPIS

    GPIS New Member

    OK here is where we are at.

    CalDav - does not work period with 10.8 and Calendar ( confirmed bug by smartermail) ? which leads me question your comment that you have it working. We opened a support ticket, and was confirmed as bug and then passed to a developer. We then here from developer asking us to use SSL, we confirm we have used SSL.

    Here is the last response 29th Aug 2012 :

    "I believed that SSL not being enabled was the issue, but it seems that I was mistaken. After further looking into the issue I tried another account that did not have any calendar data and it get stuck at the same point as well. I was checking to see if something was being sent to iCal that it did not like on Mountain Lion. I'm now in the process of looking at differences in the sync responses between Lion and Mountain Lion to see if there is something new or special that we would need to take into account. I thank you for your time and patience in this matter."

    EWS - yes you can set up the calendar, but it does not pull information from server. However if you set up an appointment in Calendar on Mac it is successfully pushed to smartermail server. However if you make any change to appointment e.g. via webmail interface, then that change is not reflected in calendar, which would seem to suggest problem with the downward sync.

    We need this to be fixed as we have more and more customers on Mac.

    I have to say feel a little frustrated that we haven't heard anything in a month. Tim if you read this can you please, please advise on the STATUS, and how we resolve the issue.

  12. chicagonettech

    chicagonettech Product Expert

    Since you opened a ticket, you should have an active case nunber.

    Responding to the case number, using one of the existing e-mail messages which contains the case number in the title, will allow you to re-inquire about the status and progress.

    So the easiest way to remain up to date is to make an inquiry of the status via a response to the e-mail with the ticket number in the subject line.

    Inquiring in these forums about an existing case number will only result in frustration on your part.
  13. GPIS

    GPIS New Member

    Hmmm. My point is that Tim (Smartertools) and others quickly responded that it works. I disagree and the position is somewhat misleading. Especially given this has been confirmed as a bug. It surely cannot be both ?

    I think I'm entitled to be frustrated when features advertised DONT work, in the UK we call that misrepresentation. I note that you are very helpful on these forums and act as a advocate for Smartertools, but I think Im entitled to air my frustration on a public forum.

    Its in the hope that someone at Smartertools will actually pick up the ball and run with this as at present ITS NOT HAPPENING.
  14. chicagonettech

    chicagonettech Product Expert

    I understand your frustration, but do not believe there has been any misrepresentation, as taken from your prior posting about Tim's response - he is still working on it, to wit:

    Per Tim's response of 29 Aug, 2012, he is still working on the issue.

    Since this ticket has not yet been closed, Tim has not yet abandoned the ticket and the issue is still open.

    I have had tickets with SmarterMail which were open for month as their development team worked on finding a solution. In one case they could not reproduce the issue and we were all frustrated. By sheer accident, someone did something which reproduced the incident and they were able to build a patch into the next release.

    In your case Tim has admitted that there appear to be differences in the "sync responses between Lion and Mountain Lion" and he is investigating the matter.

    This matter would be more appropriately handled by responding to his last ticket and asking for a status update.

    Remember, these forums are strictly volunteer. Unless the forum is specific to a BETA product, SmarterMail does not normally respond to the posts. All of us are attempting to assist each other in between the responsibilities of our regular workloads.
  15. GPIS

    GPIS New Member

    OK to clarify

    The response i quoted was not Tim's, it was a SM developer who was/is dealing with the case.

    Tim's statement on this thread was "I use 10.7 and 10.8 on different MacBooks and iMac's. I use CalDav / CardDav / EWS with no issues."

    Now that is a pretty emphatic statement - I DISAGREE (and so do smarter tools themselves apparently)

    Until I responded today anyone reading this thread would undoubtably be left with the impression that this works. I think it equally important that others know it doesn't , so they don't waste days (like i did) trying to get this to work. So here's the deal. Either its a bug or not. Either it works or it doesn't.

    So i think it important we establish what the status is , for all. Again as per my first post on this thread:

    Anyone got either CalDav or EWS working in OSX 10.8 calendar ?(and syncing correctly)