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Batch Import or Copy & Paste Trusted Senders for Domains in SmarterMail 7.x

Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by jdnaumann, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. jdnaumann

    jdnaumann New Member

    What happened to this in SM 7? Not only did the upgrade from 6.9 to 7.0 wipe out all Domain Trusted Senders, there appears to be no way to batch import or batch copy and paste them into Domain Trusted Sender. Is this right or am I missing something?

  2. dav

    dav New Member

    Hi Jerry,

    We are having the same problem, I was told in my post to log a ticket so the bug can be found, I have had poor service on SM ticketing that i feel i will just be waisting my money.
    SM should notice multiple posts about the same topic and use their own initiative to fix the problem.

    So far we are trying to come up with a solution, as we have multiple users and domains with multiple addresses that we just dont have the time to sit and load all the missing entries, especially since SM's upgrade only pulled certain entries through.

  3. Fritz

    Fritz Guest

    You do not pay for the ticket if it is a bug and not your fault.

  4. brianlewis

    brianlewis Product Expert

  5. dav

    dav New Member

    HI Fritz,

    Thanks for the post, I am aware of this statement by SM. On a ticket that i logged a while back, I had feedback before hand that it sounded like a bug, and eventually due to some factors on SM releases etc, our ticket never got resolved.

    We dont enjoy paying money for no service. In SM defence they have sorted some stuff out that we logged tickets for before. But we where quite burned from our last ticket.

  6. kdovale

    kdovale New Member

    my clients also complaining of this issue, they are having to resetup their trusted senders again from scratch, Unfortunately I lost some customers due to this SM7 Upgrade [:mad:], the problem is you only find out when your customers report these issues that they exist, we ran the sm7 for a bit before going live, but you cant check everything is ok.
  7. Wheemer

    Wheemer Senior Member

    Yeah that's supposed to be the benifit of running a beta program with many users testing a lot. But since this beta period was so short, especially considering the complexity of the changes in 7, there were many things not checked at all it seems.

    I'm not sure what changed at SmarterTools since I've never seen this many issues that are major. Also the respoinse from SmarterTools about these issues is lacking big time. I have been expecting a point release to cover some of the biggest problems.
  8. jdnaumann

    jdnaumann New Member

    Until SM resolves this issue, there appears to be a way to restore the Trusted Domain Senders if you are prepared to get an XML Editor and use it -- make backup copies of any files edited FIRST! I take no responsibility if this method does not work for any of you or causes any unintended issues. I'd be make a backup copy of all SM directories first before trying this.

    If you can get a backup domainConfig.xml from an earlier version of SM, the entries can be carefully copied from the earlier version's domainConfig.xml file (everything between "whitelist" and "whitelist") into the current 7.xx domainConfig.xml file. Stop services and make backup copy of this 7.xx target file first. Then, using the XML Editor, paste all the entries just copied from between "whitelist" and "whitelist" to between "whitelist" and "whitelist" in the target 7.xx domainConfig.xml file and save. Restart Services and check. It should all appear and work after this.

    If "whitelist" to "whitelist" entry is not in the target 7.xx file, make at least one manual entry in SM 7.xx first and it should show up thereafter. Repeat above.

    If you don't have a backup of a pre-7.xx version of SM, you can find and use an existing earlier SM version or install the free version sm 6.xx on a test platform. Find or re-find your sources for trusted domain senders (contacts, .n2k file, etc.) and batch copy and paste the entries and save to this pre 7.xx version. Then retrieve this domainConfig.xml and repeat as above.

    I have tried this and it does work (well at least on my installation). Presumably, this would work for userConfig.xml files for user Trusted Senders. Pain in the ass for sure, but a way to fix this NOW fairly efficiently whilst waiting for SM to fix this. It beats the manual item by item entry now in SM 7.xx (I'm still puzzling over this monumental step backwards!)

    We NEED batch import or copy/paste back for Trusted Senders -- this is a serious omission of a valuable feature causing trouble not only for end users but service providers as well.

    The 7.xx migration bug wiping this out also needs to be fixed ASAP and adequate warning given in the meantime to make sure that backups of earlier version be kept before migration so these lists can be salvaged (yes, I can anticipate the condescension: backups are good policy anyway!)
  9. dav

    dav New Member

    Hi All,

    I just had an email from SM and they say they are aware of the problem and are working on a resolve. No ETA indicated.

    Ill post more info once I get an email back.

  10. mBx

    mBx New Member

    yes...i agree it would be helpful to copy list of trusted senders for backup.

    this worked very nicely prior to SM 7.1 upgrade.
  11. obiwebkenobi

    obiwebkenobi New Member

    Wow, what a huge step backward. NEED a batch import for trusted senders, both domain wide and for individual users. Clients never want to lose features!!!
  12. obiwebkenobi

    obiwebkenobi New Member

    But hey, at least in v7.3.3952 the trusted senders lists to transfer over. Perhaps in earlier versions as well, just know it works now.
  13. mBx

    mBx New Member

    PLEASE fix this.

    i administrate filtering at domain level and need to be able to export to backup/archive TRUSTED SENDERS and content filtering rule lists in an easy one step approach.
  14. mBx

    mBx New Member

    the more you attempt to hold users data "hostage", the more users will seek other more 'open' and transferable systems to use.
    you need to offer easy methods to export data such as trusted senders, whitelist and content filter lists.