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Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by richos, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. richos

    richos New Member

    Hi, I am using a commercial backup program to backup my SmarterMail Free 9.0 installation. I am following the guidance on the SmarterMail website:

    Even though the backup program supports backup of open files, I get intermittent failures on in the Z:\Servers\SmarterMail\Domains\\Users\my.user\Index folder. Every now and then a file called segments_xxx (e.g. segments_21b) fail to backup. These files seem to be tempory and are removed after a time and replaced by others of a similar pattern.

    I assume this directory is used to index the data.

    a) Are these files important and do I need to ensure they are properly backed-up
    b) or will I be able to recover without these files?

    Thank you for your help.


  2. Ellis

    Ellis Member

    I was about to ask the exact same question.

    Can we exclude "Index" folders from the backups ?
  3. brianlewis

    brianlewis Product Expert

    We use R-Drive Image, its a $44.95 sector level backup software with excellent scheduling system. Very lightweight, fast and efficient, and utilizies both Windows Volume Snapshot and R-TT own Volume Snapshot to capture a snapshot of the drive in realtime. It also has the ability to exclude any and all files (like Logfile folders or Spool Folders) while its doing a sector level backup of the drive. Backups are compressed at whatever level you want. Full backups can be configured say for Sundays, while increment or differential occur M-SAT. Backup Set retentions can be configured so that it deletes say after 2 backup sets (two weeks of backups if configured as mentioned).
  4. Ellis

    Ellis Member

    Thanks for the tips Brian.

    But I still would like to know if Index folders can be excluded or not from backups.
  5. DXD

    DXD Product Expert

    I use backup for workgroups and have never had a problem with open files.
  6. Wheemer

    Wheemer Senior Member

    I think they should be backed up as well.

    If you need to restore from backup, your users mail will need to be re-indexed unless you restore that file also.