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Answered Add --> Existing Item --> Ticket

Discussion in 'SmarterTrack' started by bhajan.raum, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. bhajan.raum

    bhajan.raum New Member

    I would like to append one ticket to another when appropriate. (i.e. when multiple tickets are related to a single issue, I would like them grouped in some way)
    I believe that I have found the feature that provides this functionality, however the error message does not give me much indication of why it is not working.

    Version: SmarterTrack Enterprise 6.3

    Select a ticket. Click the "Add" drop down and choose "Existing Item". In the window that appears select "Ticket" from the drop-down list. Enter the ticket number and click "Attach".
    I get the following message: "The item you are attempting to attach requires one or more custom field values to be completed first"

    If someone could tell what these "custom field values" pertain to, or where I may find them, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. ST-AWhite

    ST-AWhite New Member

    Custom fields are additional pieces of information that can be completed for tickets, chats, and call logs. Depending on how they are configured there may be requirements set on them before a ticket can be closed. The message you are seeing pertains to this circumstance. You'll want to make sure all required custom fields have been completed on the ticket you are attempting to add. In the ticket window you'll see a tab called "Custom Fields". You can edit these values there.

    Here's a knowledge base article that may help you configure custom field requirements:
  3. bhajan.raum

    bhajan.raum New Member

    Working now

    Interestingly, filling in the fields under the "Custom Fields" tab didn't seem to help. I was able to make the ticket 'attachable' by adding a "Resolution" to the ticket.

    I will review the knowledge base article as well.

    Thanks again.