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ActiveSync and Desktop Email Client Question

Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by ephost, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. ephost

    ephost Member

    Oklay so this is probably a dumb question but if we can use ActiveSync on our mobile devices (and so nicely) why can't we use it on our desktop computers? I know that Outlook works with MAPI (which is not compatible with SM yet) but what the heck is so different on a mobile device than our desktop computer when it comes to all of this?

    Isn't there an email client that would work with the exisiting SM and ActiveSync combo? I don't think it makes a difference to SM what device connects?
  2. ramiss

    ramiss Senior Member

    The main technology behind ActiveSync is to keep a constant connection and push mail to a mobile device that may constantly lose internet connection. A desktop computer does not have this issue and thus why ActiveSync does not exist for non-mobile devices.

    Rumor is that the next major version of SmarterMail will support MAPI.
  3. ephost

    ephost Member

    I have heardthe same thing about MAPI (SM8 I hope). Thanks for the explaination. It would be nice if there was a desktop version of a mobile email client that would synch as nicely as my iPhone.
  4. BonesDT

    BonesDT New Member

    Not a dumb question at all. What's dumb is Microsoft. I was a PC, then I got the iPhone, then the iPad, now in the market for a Mac because I'm sold. It boggles my mind how Apple can make it so easy to set-up and access a Microsoft Exchange email account; however we're still scratching our heads trying to figure out how to read an email on a desktop PC running Microsoft Windows. It's so unfathomable that we think we're dumb when we question it.

    The solution is with OWA (Outlook Web Access). It would be nice if you could access this through a website called www.owa.com or www.outlook.com and plug in the few account variables that the iPhone requires, but it isn't so easy. You have to figure out the url. In my case, it's my office's server. You might even have to contact your "network administrator". In my case, it was mail.mycompanydomainname.com/exchange . try www.yourdomainname.com/outlook or www.yourdomainname.com/owa, and all the combinations in between.
  5. scottywan82

    scottywan82 New Member

    Thank you all! I thought I was the only one wondering this. So there are currently NO desktop clients that use Activesync? It makes no sense! Why would we bother coming up with a convoluted workaround when this already does the trick?
  6. Cytranic

    Cytranic New Member

    This is by far our biggest issue with SM and the main reason I haven't moved over all my 200+ employees to SM active sync..

    There isnt a good SyncML client that works we'll with outlook, or x64 bit office.

    Sharepoint calendars also do not work because there is no way to change the default calendar in outllook.

    The smartermail Sync app worked OK, but now its been discontinued, so it no longer works with x64 bit office. In addition the recommended tool from SM Funobol or whatever also doesnt support x64.

    I would be ok with a SyncML client that synced up constantly without a set interval, or button clicking. Why cant they hook into send/receive?
  7. strommann

    strommann New Member

    And dont forget no task sync with funambol. But who needs task:(:(
  8. pjbeee

    pjbeee Member

    I USE TASKS for keeping notes. It may seem a little silly because of the start/end dates but it still works for me. As you said, Cytranic, the Sharepoint calendars are just unfortunate - SM should do better. And besides no tasks, Funambol didn't work well for me at all.

    BTW the "Touchdown" Exchange email for Android (around $20 at present) works pretty well indeed, and the publisher, Nitrodesk, is pretty diligent about fixing bugs and the like. There is also a tablet-optimized version.

    Some glitches along the way, but this is a VERY difficult app to write and maintain for "generic" Android devices. Nitrodesk's support department is quite responsive, they have replied to ANYTHING I've asked/sent them. I have an EVO 4G and a Xoom tablet.
  9. bthomforde

    bthomforde Member

    Are you saying you use Touchdown with SM and Activesync?
    I thought it only works with Exchange server.