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Question A very novice question about domains!

Discussion in 'SmarterMail' started by david powell, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. david powell

    david powell New Member


    I am new to smartermail but wish to use it for its mailbox sharing capability.

    Can someone help me with what I am sure is a really basic question?

    I have a website with associated mailboxes, and can configure smartermail to retrive these by pop3 and send by smtp no problem.

    However, I want my smartmail 'server' to do all these retrievals and then have my outlook clients connect to smartermail via IMAP so that the same clients can share the same smartermail mailbox (and associated workloads).

    My question is this: what name do I give the domain on the smartermail server?

    My options seem to be either
    - identical to my website eg mywebsite.com ... but then how do I get the clients to connect to smartermail and not keep trying to connect to the website itself?
    - a fictitious domain eg. notmywebsite.com .... but then when clients try and send emails the default reply address keeps coming back as notmywebsite.com which doesnt exist and the emails are bounced! I have set up alternate email addresses, and if I could make them the default reply to ones for clients could live with this, but that doesnt seem possible.

    Am I being very dim here? Any advice , if you understand my problem, much appreciated!
    I have looked through the forums, help pages, and google but everyone seems to be way beyond the stage I have go stuck at.
  2. chicagonettech

    chicagonettech Product Expert

    1. You must have a REGISTERED DOMAIN NAME in order to host any e-mail server. Because you referenced your website it sounds like you alreay have registered a domain name:

    2. You will also need a STRONG WORKING KNOWLEDGE of:
    • DNS - remember you will need a minimum of TWO DNS SERVERS, on SEPERATE CLASS C NETWORKS and both must be registered as your DNS SERVERS with your DOMAIN REGISTRAR - where you registered your domain name in step #1;
    • IN-ARPA or rDNS - this MUST be setup with your Internet BANDWIDTH provider and requires that the IN-ARPA or rDNS entry be pointed back to the HOST NAME to which the MX RECORD(s) [as setup in your DNS records] point to;
    • IIS - the use of the built-in SmarterMail web server is NOT recommended;
    • SmarterMail Antispam - see: http://forums.smartertools.com/show...ment-Now-Avaialbe?highlight=antispam settings;

    3. Information for setting up IIS under:

    4. Once you have setup IIS on your sever, and pointed the IIS record to SmarterMail, you will need to map a HOST HEADER RECORD in IIS to the HOSTNAME you gave to your e-mail server. This may, or may not, match your e-mail server's public HOST record name. If you called your e-mail server "MAIL" then your DNS will have a host record that points to the IP ADDRESS you assigned to MAIL and an MX RECORD which points to the HOST RECORD for MAIL.

    Your mail server will then be accessed, under HTTP, as http://mail.yourdomain.com

    If you require assistance, you can contact SmarterMail to do your installation for you - for a fee. There are also many members on here who will help you - again, for a fee.
  3. david powell

    david powell New Member

    Getting started with smartermail

    Thanks very much for all that, I will get cracking on it.