550 mta inaccessible for too long

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    10 days ago I performed a clean install of Version 5.5.3317. I had previously been using V. 3.3.2369.

    I have a sender from the domain wyndhamworldwide.com who is now having their mail returned to them with this error...

    ****** Message from InterScan Messaging Security Suite ******

    Sent <<< RCPT TO:<me@mydomain.com>
    Received >>> 550 mta inaccessible for too long for
    domain:mydomain.com - psmtp

    Unable to deliver message to <me@mydomain.com>.

    ************************ End of message **********************

    I am able to receive e-mails from all other sources as far as I know. I do not have any grey listing enabled nor do I have any bounce or block rules set up for anything. I'm not even sure if it is a problem or setting on my server or if it is the sender who has an issue. I'm lost ! Any insight would be very appreciated.